Welcome to my page!

I am a Developer with a passion for beautiful, seemless designs. I bring life to websites by adding simple movements and intuitive layouts through quality code.

I also love capturing beautiful moments through photography. The photos on the site are my own, I've incorporated them for a personal touch.

Let's work together!


I collaborated closely with the proprietors of Wilson Landscape and Lawn Services to craft a meticulously tailored website. Its primary aim was to instill a sense of comfort and establish trust with visitors. Alongside the design, I took charge of curating and overseeing the site's content.

The website was developed using a combination of Javascript, HTML, CSS, Git, and Greensock technology.

Exceptional Vineyards

An elegant example of adding movement to a site that intrigues a user in a way that encourages continued interaction.

Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Greensock collaborate seamlessly to create a user experience that emanates high quality.

The Alps

The Alps website is a simple concept, have the header fall behind the mountains, like a sunset.

I utilized Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Greensock in order to create this beautiful, dynamic site.